Chamsys MagicQ MQ70 Compact

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Product Overview

MagicQ MQ70 is the latest offering in the Compact Console range of small and lightweight consoles that you can fly with. The MagicQ MQ70 fits within hand luggage carry on restrictions of all the major budget airlines including, Southwest, Easyjet and Ryanair. The console features a 10.1” Multi touch display, with illuminated encoder and fader tracks. 

The console supports 24 universes with an option to expand to 48. The console has 3 network ports enabling ArtNet and sACN direct from the console, whilst also having 4 assignable physical DMX ports supporting RDM. This feature packed console also includes WIFI inbuilt to the console for quick connection to ChamSys MagicQ Remote focus application without the need for external networking hardware.

The MQ70 features an inbuilt UPS which protects both the console and the Ethernet switch in case of power fail. It has low power consumption and does not require a cooling fan - enabling silent operation making it the ideal choice for touring shows, broadcast, theatrical and corporate shows.

With built in MIDI input and output, LTC and audio input for synchronization, the MagicQ MQ70 provides many options for integration with show control and audio systems.

The MagicQ MQ70 runs the same MagicQ software as other MagicQ consoles, meaning that shows programmed on it can be loaded and ran on any other MagicQ console (within the universe limits). 

  • 24 universes direct from the console, expandable to 48
  • Fits as carry on luggage for all major budget airlines
  • High resolution 10.1" multi touch display
  • In built WiFi for quick connection to MagicQ Remote App
  • UPS inbuilt to the console
  • RDM support via direct DMX Ports and Network
  • Silent operation, ideal for theatres


MagicQ Software

MagicQ software offers powerful lighting control, full lighting visualisation, pixel mapping, and HD media playback that lighting designers rely on for everything from simple to the most complex shows.

    • Universes supported: 24 *expandable to 48
    • Channels: 12288 *expandable to 24576
    • Number of fixtures: Up to 12288 *expandable to 24576
    • Cues: 5000
    • Groups: 5000
    • Display: 10.1”
    • Console Display: 10" Multi touch display
    • External Monitor: HDMI - supports touch screens
    • DMX 5-Pin XLR: 4
    • RDM Support: Yes
    • Faders: 12
    • Attribute encoders: 8
    • Network ports: 3
    • Inbuilt WIFI: Yes
    • USB ports: 5
    • Audio in: Yes
    • Audio out: Yes
    • MIDI: Notes, TC, Show Control
    • LTC in: Yes
    • Remote input port: Yes
    • Illuminated faders: Yes
    • Illuminated encoders: Yes
    • Wing Support: Yes
    • Multi console: Yes
    • 1 Dual Colour Dimmable LED Console Lamp
    • Power input: 110 to 240 VAC
    • UPS: Yes
    • Width: 525mm (20.6”)
    • Depth: 350mm (13.7”)
    • Height: 60mm (2.3”)
    • Weight: 7kg (15.4lb)


The MQ70 uses a 12v Sealed Lead Acid UPS Battery (Wet Cell). The Manufacturer battery datasheet can be found here.


*48 Universe upgrade available via software key. The 48 universe upgrade to MQ70's is non-transferable between consoles. Once upgraded, the console will always run 48 universes. Contact your local distributor for pricing


Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review