Antari Disinfection

11th Jul 2020

Antari Disinfection

The AirGuard AG20, AG700AG800AG1500 and AG3000 are light weight, portable, convenient, and highly functional Disinfection Machines. They can spread fog to fill the entire space in any direction. AG20, AG700 and AG800 can be used as a regular maintenance solution in any place, such as cars, homes, small offices and classrooms. AG1500 and AG3000's higher output makes it suitable for larger areas, such as theatres, department stores, large offices, schools, plazas, airports, gymnasiums and hospitals! AirGuard Disinfection Machines can kill most fungi, germs, virus, dust mites and get rid of bad odours effectively.

What are the differences between AG700 and AG800?

Tank capacity60ml.800ml, Window to check current level.
Warm up time3 minutes.90 seconds.6 minutes.
Output30 second bursts.Continuous, 5 minutes per operation.Continuous.

Timer mode: automatically operate for 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 seconds.

Select between normal or high output.

Liquid consumption rate16ml per minute.10ml per minute.40ml per minute.
Wireless controlNo.Yes, with W1 remote.Yes, with W1 remote.
Direction of SprayForwards.Forwards.Upwards.

What is the active ingredient in FLD05 and FLV05 for sterilisation?
The active ingredient is o-Cymen-5-ol (isopropyl Methylphenol, IPMP) in both FLD and FLV fluids, which is an effective antibacterial agent approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare. It has good sterilisation ability and can kill a variety of bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses. It can also inhibit oxidation. FLV fluid also contains Silver ions (Ag+).

Is the disinfection ingredient harmful to humans?
Isopropyl Methyphenol is safe, the ratio of disinfection ingredients used is within the guidelines set by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare.

How does the FLD05 and FLV05 Disinfectant work?
The disinfectant works by denaturing the virus’ proteins, which makes it incapable of binding to human cells.
It is effective against the influenza virus and general pneumonia. It has not been tested against the COVID-19 virus, as it is regulated by the government and no samples are available to test.

What is the fragrance of FLD05 and FLV05?
FLD05 has a menthol and fruity fragrance. FLV05 has a pine tree fragrance.

How long can FLD05 and FLV05 be stored?
FLD05 and FLV05 has a shelf life of 5 years and should be stored in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Once opened, it should be used within 6 months.

How much smoke is required and how long does it take?
AG700 and AG800 can produce one cubic metre of smoke in 3 seconds. To work out how long you need to operate AirGuard for, first find out the volume of the room, then multiply by 3 to get the time required in seconds. For example, if the room is 12 square metres with a 2.6m ceiling (for a volume of 31.2 cubic meters), it will take the AG800 approximately 93 seconds to fill the room.

The AG1500 has two output modes, normal and high. In High output mode, AG1500 can produce one cubic metre of smoke in 0.75 seconds. To work out how long you need to operate AirGuard for, first find out the volume of the room, then multiply by 0.75 to get the time required in seconds. For example, if the room is 25 square metres with a 4m ceiling (for a volume of 100 cubic meters), it will take the AG1500 approximately 75 seconds to fill the room.

When disinfecting a car, turn the air conditioner to recycle and use for 30 seconds at a time.
After the smoke is sprayed, allow 5 to 10 minutes for the smoke to circulate and cover the space in order to disinfect.

How long does the effect last?
This depends on the environmental conditions, such as ventilation and number of human movements.
For example, disinfection in a car for personal use can be effective for 2 weeks, however a car used frequently for business should be disinfected each day.

In general the more occupied a location is, the more frequently it should be disinfected.

Note: The machine itself has no sterilisation function. The FLD05 liquid provides the sterilisation function. The sterilisation provided by smoke machines is completely different from ozone machines or air cleaners.

MSDS for FLD05 Liquid


Use the links below to download the Test Reports for FLD05.

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Test Report for Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Test Report for Staphlococcus aureus

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